2021 Musik

We are rising – Musik – Taína Asili & One Billion Rising

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• Spanisch – Download MP3 >>> Nos Estamos Levantando (“We Are Rising” Spanish version)

“We Are Rising”

Written, Produced and Performed by Taína Asili
Executive Produced by Eve Ensler, Susan Celia Swan & Monique Wilson and One Billion Rising

Taína Asili – lead vocals
Josette Newsom – backing vocals
Amanda Serrano – backing vocals
JoBeth Umali – drum kit
Gaetano Vaccaro – guitar, bass and digital production
Gabrielle Feliciano – saxophone/chorus vocals
Teagan Taylor – trumpet/chorus vocals
Andrea Neumann – trombone/chorus vocals
Jessica Bellflower – violin
Dylan Blanchard – congas
Jordan Taylor Hill – djembe

Recorded by Brett Portzer at White Lake Music and Post in Albany, NY and by Peter Karl at Conveyor Music Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

Mixed by Taína Asili and Gaetano Vaccaro.
Mastered by Emily Lazar Assisted by Chris Allgood at The Lodge.

“We Are Rising” Lyrics

In a time of an upheaval
will come a transformation
Ignite a fire that will burn
like the sun
become strong movement
fierce and determined
informed by where we are
and where we’ve come from

We are those who are rising
from Manila to Miami
building trust and solidarity
love is our bond
And in the streets we are marching
to end the rape and the suffering
to stop the facist tyranny
organized as one

We are, we are rising
We are, we are rising
We are, we are rising tonight and in this life

From those who dare interrupt the violence
To those who expose the truth and break the silence
warriors who work to open the prisons bars
valiant souls who stand up against the unjust wars

multitudes who defy the walls along the border
masses who unify to protect our water
rebel minds who unionize for worker’s rights
fearless hearts who fight to defend trans lives

those who take back their land and their health
those who seek to redistribute the wealth
youth who demand a right to education
Those who reclaim political power in their nation

We cry out “say her name”
we chant “love trumps hate”
And “we will not be erased”
“It’s we who decide our fate”

Chorus x2

We are women who’ve endured
violence and degradation
slavery, trafficking, and mutilation
rape and abuse, racist discrimination
Those who survived
labor exploitation
Colonization and gentrification
imprisonment, migration
and militarization
Homophobia and
Transphobic aggression
Violence by police
Reproductive oppression
But from the pain we will open eyes
Awaken hearts and awaken minds
And our demands we intensify
Strategically we are organized
Together we can raise the vibration
Through art action and imagination
Respect, love and communication
And love for our future generation
Intersectional, inclusive we come
Collective power is how this is won
We keep rising like the fire of the sun
will rise like the sun
will rise like the sun
One for a billion a billion for one x8

Chorus x2

A way of life, a way of being
Ignite the fire, we are believing
As one

“Nos Estamos Levantando” Lyrics

Somos un billón, un billón de pie
Somos un billón, un billón para una

En tiempos de violencia
habrá una transformación
con un fuego poderoso
como el sol
Un movimiento fuerte
Sabemos quienes somos
y lo que vendrá

Somos las que se levantan
de Manila a San Juan
construyendo confianza
y solidaridad
Y en las calles marchamos
organizadas estamos
Contra la injusticia
somos una

Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
ahora y en esta vida

De las que enfrentan la violencia
a las que exponen la verdad
Luchadoras que abren barreras
Valientes almas que paran guerras
Multitudes que las murallas enfrentan
Masas que el agua cuidan
Trabajadoras que por sus derechos luchan
Poderosas que defienden las vidas trans
Aquellas que su tierra recuperan
Por la igualdad de la riqueza trabajan
La juventud que la educación demandan
el poder en su nación reclaman

Ni una muerta más
Y ni un paso atrás
Porque vivas nos queremos
y vencidas no seremos

Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
ahora y en esta vida

Somos las que hemos sufrido
esclavitud y mutilación
abuso y violación,
Aquellas que sobrevivieron
discriminación y explotación
colonización y militarización
y migración
agresión transfóbica
Del dolor abriremos los ojos
y mentes y corazones despiertos
Nuestras demandas incrementaremos
Y estamos organizadas
Levantaremos la vibración
con el arte, acción, imaginación
respeto, confianza, comunicación
amor pa’ la futura generación
Inclusivamente triunfaremos
Con el poder colectivo ganaremos
Como un fuego continuaremos
Como el sol creceremos

Somos un billón, un billón de pie
Somos un billón, un billón para una

Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
Nos estamos levantando
ahora y en esta vida

Una forma de vida, una forma de ser
Enciende el fuego, un billón de pie
Somos una