Iranian Protest – Please share! – Be the voice!

If you like to help the people of Iran, here’s what you can start doing. Please share, repost and retweet all of the things that you’re seeing your iranian friends post about what’s happening inside of Iran. The overwhelming majority of us in the diaspora have family and friends still inside of Iran an we are getting first-hand accounts and videos of what’s going on. The government has once again shut down our severly throttled internet service which is what they do whenever mass protests erupt in Iran and it’s because they don’t want you to see what’s going on and they want to be able to slaughter their citizens with impunity. The last time this happened was during what was called the Aubon protest in November 2019 where there were mass protests in Iran. The government shut down the internet and they killed 1500 people that we know of. You might not have heard about this so what they did was effective. The iranian government is counting on you to just click past everthing and not care and i’m asking you to please click on on our post and share. We’re getting messages by the minute from people inside of Iran asking us to continue to amplify their voices because they feel like the’re not being heard. Please use all the hashtags that we’re using. Tag the news outlets. Tag your favorite celbrities. Please stand with the people of Iran as they fight for their basic human rights.